• The Best Chicken Marinades!

    Never know what to do with your poultry? Simply marinating your chicken in advance can greatly enhance the flavours of your dish. A delicious marinade for your skewers, chicken breasts, or any other cut (such as chicken thighs!) … it’s the secret behind perfect meals!

    All the marinade recipes in this article have a special something that’s trendy and just utterly delicious. Discover them and do not hesitate to pimp them to your taste! Oh, and remember that these marinades also work marvellously well with other sources of protein such as tofu, pork, and many more!

    GOOD TO KNOW WHEN PREPARING MEAT: Make a habit out of marinating your protein the day before. This will help you save time when preparing your menu the following day!

    Marinade For Express Chicken

    A great way to marinate chicken breasts (or thighs!) in less than 30 minutes (cooking included) is to vacuum-pack your meat. As for accessories, a vacuum pump and reusable bags are essential tools to do this technique that consists of removing the air from the bags.

    This way, there is more pressure inside than outside the vacuum-packed food, which makes it easy to absorb the marinade. The advantage of this technique is that the marinade loosens the connective tissues of the meat, poultry, or fish, making them more tender. BPT loves this Fresh & Save vacuum pump by Zwilling.

    Even if you are in a hurry, marinating your chicken just 20 minutes will be sufficient to make a flavourful poultry dish.

    Here are the best chicken marinade recipes!


    • 1.

      Buffalo-Style Chicken Marinade

      This fiery Buffalo-style chicken marinade is so delicious you’ll ask for more! The best thing thing about it? It tastes just like those classic Buffalo wings!

    • 2.

      Pesto Chicken Marinade

      The traditional pesto-chicken combination is simple, but always a hit! If you want to save time, use shop-bought pesto. Otherwise, make an homemade version for a flavourful dish!

    • 3.

      Honey Garlic Chicken Marinade

      Lean meats such as poultry go marvellously well with this honey and garlic marinade. You could even substitute the honey with maple syrup if you want! This one is a must-try!

    • 4.

      Grapefruit and Ginger Chicken Marinade

      This marinade is super unique and hands down enhances any chicken dish. Careful with this one though! You should not marinate your chicken more than 1 hour and 30 minutes because of the acidity.

    • 5.

      Fajita-Style Chicken Marinade

      Fajitas, tacos, poke bowls… This marinade is perfect for any dish! The secret is to use fresh herbs such as cilantro. Serve it with grilled vegetables, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. Everyone will love this chicken meal. Plus, it’s great for skewers as well!

      Psst! If you don’t have fresh limes, use lemon juice!

    • 6.

      Honey Mustard Chicken Marinade

      Fan of the sweet and salty combo? This honey mustard marinade will definitely be your favourite! You can marinate chicken, but also tofu cubes, pork, or even shrimps in this creamy sauce.

      Psst! You can substitute the cider vinegar with white wine vinegar.

      Once cooked, your honey mustard chicken will go wonderfully well with a fresh salad.

    • 7.

      Asian Chicken Marinade

      You will love this sweet, salty, spicy, tangy, and even bitter mix. Wondering how to make juicy chicken? Soak it in this Asian marinade! The toasted sesame oil and soy sauce are a must! If you can get your hand on dark soy sauce, that’s even better!

    • 8.

      Tropical Chicken Marinade

      This marinade features explosive tropical mango (fresh or frozen), cilantro, and hot pepper flavours! Its beautiful yellow colour is perfect for grilling or for exotic chicken skewers!

    • 9.

      Indian Chicken Marinade

      This Indian marinade is definitely colourful! The secret ingredient? A mix of quality spices such as curry powder, garam masala, ground cumin, ground cilantro, and smoked paprika for a nice complexity of flavours and aromas.

      We also use Greek yogurt in this recipe, which is ideal to coat your chicken, and some ginger for freshness.

    • 10.

      Tex-Mex Chicken Marinade

      Tex-Mex cuisine originally comes from Texas but is largely influenced by Mexican cuisine! Try it and you’ll see just how delicious it is!