• Don’t really feel like eating breakfast in the morning? Don’t have enough time to cook before leaving for work? The solution: breakfast smoothies! BPT has a ton of decadent, refreshing, and unique recipes for you to try! Plus, smoothies are super trendy and healthy! Learn how to pimp your smoothies as you please.

    GOOD TO KNOW: Want to add protein to your breakfast? Read this article for some tips, and use them in your smoothies too!

    Here Are The 10 Best Smoothies

    • 1.

      Blueberry smoothie

      A peach pie smoothie? That’s right! This healthy smoothie might even surprise you… It’s magic ingredient? Beans! It increases the protein and fiber content of your breakfast!


    • 2.

      Chickpeas are also an excellent option. They add a rich and creamy texture while also boosting the protein and fiber content. Served with fruits and energy balls, this breakfast smoothie is super filling and delicious!

    • 3.

      Green pineapple smoothie

      Kale, pineapple, mango, maca powder, silken tofu… Just add a plant-based milk and you’re done! It’s simple, yet so good. Plus, it feels like taking a vacation in the tropics!

    • 4.

      Carrot, papaya and ginger smoothie

      This mocha protein smoothie bowl is a sure hit. Young and old will love its chocolate flavour. Plus, it’s super filling, which makes it the perfect breakfast! Try it and you’ll love it!

    • 5.

      High protein smoothie bowl

      Try this refreshing and tropical smoothie! With its fresh ginger, carrot, and papaya flavours, it’s a great way to start your day… or to finish it by adding a bit of Amarula to the mix!

    • 6.

      Peach pie smoothie

    • 7.

      A blueberry smoothie with cheesecake flavours? You just know it’s going to be delicious. Drink it as a snack or as a breakfast!

    • 8.

      Mocha protein smoothie bowl

      This smoothie bowl is thicker than a regular smoothie, but it’s just as tasty as it looks. Plus, the muesli adds a little crunch to the mix (besides, you could add some in any other smoothie recipe!).

    • 9.

      Who said healthy could not be tasty? This smoothie bowl recipe includes the beloved banana-chocolate combination. It’s just so good! Plus, it’s the best of both world since it’s decadent but also refreshing and filling.

    • 10.

      Is your favourite cocktail piña colada? Just imagine drinking a nutritious and alcohol-free version in the morning! Plus, you can always add some spicy rum to the recipe for an evening drink!