• Coleslaw is a specialty of Quebec cuisine. Not only is cabbage economical, but it’s also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! The season is in full swing from October to March.

    5 Ways to Make Coleslaw

    Here are 5 delicious way to pimp your coleslaw!

    1. Apple and nuts

    No, this combination is not only a snack! Add julienned apples (Quebec apples!) to your coleslaw. Their sweet taste goes well with cabbage’s acidity. To boost the fiber and protein content, incorporate nuts or grains as well.

    GOOD TO KNOW: Pumpkin seeds and roasted pecans are our favourite varieties for some extra crunch!

    2. Beet spirals

    Beet spirals will add colour, texture, and flavour to your coleslaw.

    Are you familiar with the spiralizer? This tool allows you to cut vegetables into noodles, vermicelli, or spirals! To test it is to adopt it. Young and old will love using it to cut all kinds of veggies: zucchinis, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

    3. Red cabbage

    There’s nothing quite like a reinvented classic, and cabbage can definitely spice up your coleslaw! You could also add some finely chopped kale leaves.

    GOOD TO KNOW: To make them tender, coat them with olive oil (or dressing) and knead them with your hands. Let stand a few minutes and enjoy.

    4. Grated broccoli stems

    Are you part of those who throw away broccoli stems? Stop wasting them! Peel this often-overlooked part and grate it. You can now incorporate it in your salads by combining equal parts of broccoli stems and green cabbage.

    Some food markets even offer pre-cut and pre-washed bags of broccoli that are perfect to make your coleslaw in an instant!

    5. Creamy dressing, light version

    Creamy coleslaw is loved by many. Make a less caloric version by substituting mayonnaise with plain Greek yogurt. The texture is so similar, no one will notice!