• Ahhh lunch box routine. This year, get creative and change up your meals! Who said lunch boxes could not be fun? Believe it or not, you’ll look forward to lunch break with these versatile, nutritious, and delicious foods!

    How to Make the Best Unique and Nutritious Lunch Box

    1. Grilled chickpeas

    Quick to prepare and economical, crispy chickpeas make the ultimate nutritious snack (plus, it’s a change from hummus!).

    Drain and dry your canned chickpeas. Then, coat them in olive oil and your favourite spices. Our favourite combination: brown sugar and Cajun spice mix.

    Got no time to cook for your lunch box? You can get ready-made chickpeas in supermarkets as well.

    2. Pickles

    Substitute your usual raw vegetables with a few pickles. Not only are they low in calories, but they will also satisfy your salty tooth. But the key is always moderation since they can quickly increase your daily sodium (salt) intake.

    GOOD TO KNOW: Prioritize dill pickles for your lunch box since they contain only 4 calories for a 28 g pickle.

    3. Bocconcini cheese

    This soft cheese comes in many different forms: pearls, cocktail, and in slices. Everyone will love its delicate taste and fresh texture.

    Plus, it will increase the protein content of your meal, whether that’s pastas, pizza, or salads. It fits perfectly with tomatoes, strawberries, and melons. Get creative and make a delicious mason jar salad for your lunch!

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    4. Grated cauliflower

    Cauliflower is an interesting choice of vegetable to make a unique lunch box. Indeed, many restaurants have reinvented classic recipes using this versatile ingredient. It can even be used to substitute meat!

    Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kohlrabi, kale, to name but a few, are part of the cruciferous vegetable family. These vegetables are beneficial for health and are known to prevent some types of cancer thanks to their phytochemical compounds.

    Furthermore, cauliflower is filled with fiber, which help you reach satiety. Thanks to their subtle taste, grated cauliflowers can easily be incorporated in couscous and rice dishes.

    Try making this cauliflower rice, it’s delicious!

    5. Mustard

    Yellow, truffle, old style, Dijon, garlic… there are many types of mustard available on the market.

    When looking at the nutritional values of mustard, you can see it is very low in calories, in contrast with most condiments like mayonnaise and dips. So, use mustard when preparing your lunch to enhance the flavour of your dressings, salads, and sandwiches.