• Fans of sparkling water, did you know there are now 1001 carbonated water variations? The more conservative stay loyal to the original sparkling water, but adventurous people like to try citrus or fruity flavours. Plus, it’s super trendy!

    Many people do not particularly enjoy the neutral taste of water, while others are satisfied with just a carbonated twist that tickles their tastebuds.

    But looking past the taste, what about the mineral salt content (calcium, sodium, and phosphorus) of these waters? Forget shop-bought bottles and pimp your homemade version instead!

    Difference Between Each Type of Water

    At first glance, all waters look just the same. Yet there are significant differences. Indeed, spring water, with less than 500 mg per litre, contains few mineral salts. Mineral water, on the other hand, contains more than 500 mg per litre, as specified on the label.

    In fact, quantities vary considerably between the products on the market, which is why it is essential to read the nutritional values before buying. When “carbonated” is written on the packaging, it simply means that carbonic gas was added to the water. 

    Careful with Shop-Bought Water!

    For example, 3 cups of carbonated spring water such as Perrier doesn’t contain sodium, while the same quantity of carbonated mineral water such as San Pellegrino contains 25 mg, which is the equivalent of 1% of the daily value.

    The tolerable upper intake for sodium set by Health Canada is 2 300 mg per day. The mineral (calcium, phosphorus, and sodium) content of these waters is therefore minor and does not have adverse effects on health.

    Psst! If you must monitor your sodium intake for medical purposes, spring water is a better option for you.

    Remember that 4 g of sugar is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon.

    In addition to minerals, pay special attention to the sugar content of flavoured sparkling waters. Even though they are labeled as “water”, the nutritional profile of some of these beverages could not be more different. Always check the nutrition facts table to verify the sugar content.

    Pimp Your Sparkling Water

    To manage the content of your refreshing beverage, make your own sparkling water at home. Flavour it according to your moods and preferences! There are even gadgets such as Soda Stream to help you carbonate your drink in no time.

    Add ice cubes, a slice of lemon, fresh fruits, or even vegetables to pimp your sparkling water! A touch of fresh herbs or ginger would also be fabulous. Try different combinations such as cucumber-mint, strawberry-basil, lemon-ginger to satisfy your tastebuds!