• Despite its cheap price, oatmeal makes a rich breakfast! Oat flakes are cereal grains that were only mildly, or not at all, processed, which means all their nutrients (fibers, vitamins, minerals) are preserved.

    Nuts or nut butter, liquid or powdered milk, eggs… These are all great options to upgrade your breakfast!

    They are therefore an excellent choice when you wake up! But since oatmeal mostly contains carbohydrates, it’s best to add a source of protein to feel fuller until lunch time. Preparing a protein-rich oatmeal is easy… and delicious!

    SIMPLY DELICIOUS: Who said oatmeal had to be sweet? Try this salty oatmeal for a change or even this overnight oatmeal for a different taste!

    For More Protein in Your Oatmeal

    When preparing your morning oatmeal, replace water by milk. You can also add beaten egg whites. With 250 ml (1 cup) of milk and 60 ml (1/4 cup) of egg whites, you have 14 g of additional protein, which will make a much more filling breakfast.

    Ever heard of unsweetened condensed milk?

    Another imaginative way to boost the protein level of your oatmeal is to use unsweetened condensed milk (not to be confused with sweetened condensed milk!) instead of regular milk. The first contains 20 g of protein per 250 ml (1 cup) portion, while the latter has 8 g.

    This is caused by water evaporation, which concentrates proteins (condensed milk is made by 80% of water in opposition to 90% for regular partially skimmed milk).

    Besides, as long as the can remains unopened, condensed milk can be kept at room temperature. You can therefore always have some on hand!

    GOOD TO KNOW: Proteins slow down digestion and delay the feeling of hunger.

    Oat and Soy Protein Porridge

    Once you’ll have tried soya flakes, you’ll be obsessed! They’re similar to oat flakes but are super rich in protein (more than 40 g of protein per 100 g serving! Oat has 13 g for the same amount.)

    In a sealed container, mix equal portions of oat and soy flakes. You can then use this mix in your granolas, crumbles and crisps for a more substantial dessert or breakfast!