• About Bon pour toi

    Bon pour toi is YOUR source of inspiration for delicious food, everyday. PhD in nutrition Hubert Cormier shares his passion for cooking through articles, recipes, and special features.

    We named our site “Bon pour toi”, which is French for “good for you”, because we want to encourage you to eat healthily. We know your schedule may be busy or rigid, but we want to show you just how flexible cooking can be. After all, why not mix business with pleasure by filling your day with little treats?

    But beware! Our team of editors and collaborators created content that might make your mouth water: trend reviews, culinary discoveries, unique recipes, and more!

    Overall, Bon pour toi is colourful and extravagant (just like its creator Hubert!) and offers you a delicious universe of possibilities!

    Caution! You might get addicted… but it’s BON POUR TOI!