Who is Pamela Rousseau?

Passionate about cooking and healthy lifestyles, Pamela is a registered dietitian (RD) and a proud member of the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec. She has been working full-time with Bon pour toi since November 2021. She writes articles on various topics related to nutrition, health, food and diet to simplify the complex science of nutrition for the reader. Also, by her culinary skills that she acquired during her studies, she creates and develops recipes as delicious as nutritious.

Moreover, she finds great pleasure in traveling and discovering the emblematic dishes of the countries she visits. Also, loving the outdoors and group sports activities, Pamela is always the one who brings snacks and refreshing drinks for all her friends!

Committed to providing quality food-related content

With wellness and health at heart, the nutritionist cooks and tests new recipes every day so she can publish and share them on the website www.bonpourtoi.ca, which aims to be the reference in cooking in Canada.

Also, through her creativity and good ideas, the professional manages to publish colorful, sought-after and distinguished food-related content. As a bonus, her mission is to create simple, fast and absolutely decadent recipes.

A solid expertise in nutrition

Having first obtained her college diploma in dietetics from Cégep Limoilou, Pamela then continued her undergraduate studies at Laval University in beautiful Quebec City as part of the Baccalauréat ès sciences (B. Sc.) – Bachelor of Science – in Nutrition.

She also holds a certificate in hygiene and sanitation issued by the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ). This training is required by the MAPAQ for all people who have to handle and serve food as part of their work. Pamela has therefore incorporated several essential concepts into her practice, including food storage temperatures, working methods to avoid food contamination and general principles of food hygiene and safety.

Her experience in clinical nutrition

As a member of the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec, Paméla began her career as a clinical registered dietitian at the Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) de Québec in 2020. Her professional practice focused on a clientele in intensive care, neurology, hematology and traumatology.

Pamela was responsible for nutritional evaluation, determining the optimal feeding route, establishing the right nutritional treatment plan as well as discussing cases in multidisciplinary meetings with a medical team composed of doctors, nurses, speech therapists and occupational therapists. Thanks to this job, the young nutritionist has greatly developed her knowledge of dysphagia, enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition.

Moreover, Pamela followed several scientific trainings to keep her skills up to date. This enriching work experience in hospitals allowed the young dietitian to develop a strong clinical experience in the field of nutrition.

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