Who is Hubert Cormier?

Distinguished by his authenticity and dynamism, Hubert is very active on social networks (including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), where he popularizes the science of nutrition to an ever-growing community. Through his many entrepreneurial projects, Hubert loves to travel, good food, good wine and visit gourmet addresses!

A Prolific PhD in Nutrition

Hubert Cormier holds a baccalaureate, a master’s degree and a doctorate in nutrition from Université Laval (Honour List, highlighting outstanding academic achievement and excellence in graduate studies). His doctoral thesis focuses on the complex interactions between genetics and food and has earned him one of the most prestigious research grants in Canada, the Frederick Banting & Charles Best Fellowship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

During his graduate studies, Hubert wrote or co-authored 16 scientific articles published in international scientific journals, in addition to publishing some forty abstracts (abstracts) and receiving several distinctions.

Do you know Hubert’s cookbooks?

Hubert is also the author of more than fifteen books, mostly best-sellers, published in French by Saint-Jean-Éditeur, Éditions La Semaine/Groupe Livre and Cardinal, in English by Penguin Random House – Appetite and in German by Ars Vivendi Verlag.

Passionate about food and cooking

Hubert has a real passion for cooking, hence his desire to create Bon pour toi. Founded in 2019, the website was immediately a resounding success, becoming one of the most visited culinary sites in Canada. You will discover popular recipes such as these classic banana muffins, the best teriyaki salmon or this healthy zucchini noodle salad.

Hubert Cormier is also an excellent speaker. You can also learn more about the various health and nutrition conferences [French only] he gives in businesses, schools or festivals throughout Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. Hubert also offers culinary workshops.

Bon pour toi‘s mission

At Bon pour toi, there are several informative articles mainly on nutrition. These articles contain health tips. These practical tips stem from the professional practice of Hubert Cormier in private practice when he was a registered dietitian (nutritionist) from 2011 to June 2019. During these years, Hubert distinguished himself by winning the prestigious Annual Merit Award in Nutrition – Young Professional, awarded by the Ordre des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec.

In 2018, he was the recipient of the prix Jeune Diplômé de l’Université Laval (Les Remarquables) and received the Raymond-Blais Medal, one of the highest distinctions awarded by Université Laval which honours a graduate who has distinguished himself so much in his career and in its contribution to the development of society. He also won the Coup de coeur Hydro-Québec award at the ARISTA national competition organized by the Jeune chambre de commerce de Montréal. Hubert was also designated Jeune personnalité d’affaires in the Health and Wellness category by the Jeune chambre de commerce de Québec in 2018.

Hubert has always enjoyed cooking, as long as he can remember. He has taken several courses to perfect his techniques. Even when traveling, Hubert loves visiting supermarkets and taking local cooking classes to learn a little more about the culinary culture of the countries he visits. His mission with Bon pour toi is to create quick, easy, seasonal, healthy (for the most part!) but above all tasty recipes! Since 2019, Hubert has devoted himself full time to recipe development, photography and culinary styling. He passionately shares his creations and is happy when he sees that his recipes are now cooked everywhere in the world.

He also loves trends, new gadgets and his kitchen is full of small appliances of all kinds. Rest assured, his kitchen is always tidy! Hubert is also a photographer and culinary stylist. It was he who photographed the majority of recipes online on Bon pour toi! His biggest dream is that this site becomes a reference in the world of food while helping people eat well!

Suis Hubert Cormier
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