• You want to adopt healthy eating habits but don’t know where to start? Reaching your food goals can be quite challenging. Well, no more worries! Our application offers you a 100% customizable meal plan that’s also flexible and unrestrictive.

    Just imagine… having fun eating without deprivation or guilt! All your goals are possible and attainable: weight loss or gain, balance, intuitive eating, etc. With Swiitch, no food is off limits! Ready to Swiitch?

    Hubert Cormier’s New App

    After long months of hard work, PhD in nutrition Hubert Cormier finally reveals his new project: the meal plan app Swiitch. And it’s your chance to eat happy with no worries!

    Indeed, Hubert’s conception was made for everyone to reach their goals easily while developing a healthy relationship with food. The nutrition expert discards the traditional rigid approaches in favor of flexibility. It’s a first in Québec: a local French app, developed by a nutritionist of the region.


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    No More Restrictive and Guilt-Inducing Diets!

    Most of the popular diets for weight loss are restrictive: you can’t eat desserts; you have to watch your calorie intake… even some fruits are off-limits! From now on, “can’t” shall have no place in your vocabulary!

    Once again: with Swiitch, everything is allowed! 

    A plateful of pasta, a piece of brownie to satisfy your sweet tooth, a share platter of fruits… it’s possible with Swiitch!

    Besides, restrictive approaches ask that you weigh all the foods in your meals. Balance is then calculated over the course of the day, which leaves no room for cravings or spontaneity… No wonder you lose all motivation!  Those meal plans are often disasters and end up in disappointment and moral pression to reach goals that seem unachievable.

    Swiitch, the flexible and personalized meal plan

    With Swiitch, you don’t have to cheat, weigh your food, or restrict yourself! It’s simple: the algorithm designs a meal plan based on your answers to the initial quiz about your habits and food preferences. The goal is to achieve a nutritional balance between food categories over the course of a week. 

    Swiitch awards you with units for each macronutrient consumed. You can then exchange them to customize your meal plan! With just a swipe you can choose to eat more fruits or protein… or more of your favourite foods and less starches… The possibilities are infinite! When you swiitch your macronutrients, the app establishes food balance once again. 

    The goal is to help you plan your meals and to implement concrete and lasting changes. 

    How Does the Swiitch Meal Plan Work?

    Your meal plan follows you everywhere; it’s like having a nutritionist right in your pocket! All you have to do is to select in the 4 000 foods and products in the app what you ate for your meal or snack. At the end of the day, your plate displays your food balance. It’s simple, efficient, and motivating!

    You exceeded your units Tuesday? No worries! Borrow units from Wednesday, Thursday… or any day! It’s all up to you!

    An ice cream cone with your partner? An outing to a restaurant with friends? A little treat after a busy day? Everything is allowed! Switches are the centre of Hubert Cormier’s app, so you can eat without guilt!

    Advice and Support for Your Weight and Diet Goals

    Your Swiitch coach is always there to help you make better choices. He highlights your good moves and offers his most valuable advice. The app provides you with a complete and colourful experience and also has numerous health articles written by professionals. By subscribing to the meal plan app, you will have access to plenty of information on multiple subjects. It’s inspiring and fun!

    Ready to swiitch? The app is available on Play Store and App Store starting from 20$/month.