• Middle East cuisine traveled overseas and is now very popular in Quebec! Couscous, koftas, falafels, tabbouleh, and many other dishes are now commonly found here. And hummus is no exception!

    Did you know there are 8 countries who claim to have invented hummus? Its origin seems just as unclear as its spelling…

    What Is Hummus?

    Hummus is a chickpea puree served as an appetizer in Middle East cuisine. Traditionally, it is made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon, and olive oil. Nowadays, there are many other variations of this recipe, such as grilled pepper bell, caramelized onion, and beet hummus.

    GOOD TO KNOW: Rich in fiber, hummus also contains plant-based protein thanks to its chickpea basis. Besides, this legume is versatile and good for health! Try this unique chickpea salad wrap

    Methionine, one of the 8 essential amino acids, is also found in this preparation. Plus, the fat content of the recipe is mostly unsaturated, which makes hummus an interesting nutritional option.

    Homemade hummus!

    Do you usually buy your hummus? Try making it at home instead! It’s super simple to make and the result is much more nutritious and tasty.

    SIMPLY DELICIOUS: Looking for hummus recipes? You must try this beet hummus!

    Hummus Wars?

    The chickpea spread dates back to the 15th century, during the Ottoman Empire. Hummus, which is the Arabic term, is derived from the words “himmas” and “himmis”, both meaning chickpea.

    The Ottoman Empire, who then controlled Middle East, borrowed the term from Turks. Thereupon, French and English variations started to appear. This loanword then became a spelling plethora.

    Ever since, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt compete for the title of official hummus creator. The hummus wars are literally raging, especially between Lebanon and Israel. This traditional dish leads to trials, but also to records of best dish in the world!

    No country wants to concede victory. It’s so fascinating that a filmmaker, Oren Rosenfeld, created a documentary called Hummus the movie. “Really? A movie on hummus?” you may think. Yep! According to Rosenfeld, “Hummus is a Middle East dish claimed by all but belonging to no one.”

    Hummus, Houmous, or Hommus?

    The correct spelling seems to be “hummus”, as listed in most dictionaries, such as Merriam Webster, Antidote, and the Cambridge dictionary. It’s also spelled that way on the products’ packaging. However, it can be written other ways, such as houmous or hommus.

    So… write it as you want! The only important thing to remember is that hummus is delicious! Try it many ways!