• Sandwiches are a classic and popular lunch thanks to their convenient and easy preparation. But some people are repelled by the all-too-common ham and cheese option. Yet, there are multiple nutritious ways to pimp your sandwich and make it unique! Here’s how to pimp your sandwich!

    The Best Additions for Your Sandwich

    1. Alfalfa

    Substitute your classic lettuce with alfalfa sprouts for a crispy and fresh touch. Plus, they are super interesting from a nutritional point of view since they contain a lot of nutrients, especially vitamins. It’s a great way to increase and vary your vegetable consumption!

    2. Veggie pâté

    Usually made with nuts, grains, vegetables, and a ton of spices and aromas, this vegetarian spread is easy to make at home. Take the opportunity to double the recipe and freeze individual portions for future use!

    3. Grilled tofu

    Tofu adapts well to all flavours because of its neutral taste. Simply marinate tofu slices and grill them a few minutes in a non-stick pan.

    Looking for a delicious combination? Try a bánh mì sandwich! Marinate your tofu in soy sauce, a bit of oil, garlic, ginger, and lime juice.

    Then, for fillings, add julienned vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, daikon, and fresh cilantro. Add a drizzle of homemade spicy mayonnaise, and it’s done!

    4. Flavoured Mustard Spread

    Mustard is an interesting condiment since it contains little to no fat. You might be happy to hear that the mustard section of grocery stores has expanded in the last few years.

    Indeed, think outside the box and try garlic, old style, and nut mustards! Simply substituting the traditional yellow version with another variety can greatly enhance the flavours of your sandwich.

    5. Refried beans

    Refried beans, also known as frijoles refritos, is a typical Mexican dish. This puree is made with dried black beans that are boiled and then fried in a pan with oil, onion, and garlic. The preparation is then mashed into a puree, which is delicious on a tortilla with guacamole and grated cheddar cheese.

    6. Jackfruit

    This exotic fruit’s flavour reminds us of mangos, pineapples, and bananas. Vegetarians appreciate its texture that, when cooked, can substitute meat in curries and sandwiches.

    To do so, use the jackfruit while it’s still green and cook its flesh. Do not forget however that it’s a fruit and that its nutritional profile is not at all similar to that of meat. So, make sure you have another source of protein in your meal, such as cheese, nuts, a vegetable salad as a side, or a yogurt for dessert…

    7. Aged cheese and apple or pear slices

    Aged cheeses, such as cheddar or Gouda, add full-bodied aromas to any meal. Use them as a source of protein in your sandwich and add a few apple or pear slices. This sweet and salty combo is always a hit!

    8. Grilled vegetables

    Next time you decide to barbecue, double the quantity of vegetables to grill so you can make sandwiches in the following days. That’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone: cook once, eat twice (different meals!). Bell peppers, eggplants, zucchinis, and red onions are perfect to grill.

    9. Yogurt sauce

    If you like creamy and rich condiments, try making this Greek yogurt sauce! It’s texture strongly resembles that of mayonnaise. Plus, it will reduce the fat content and add protein to your sandwich. You could also add fresh herbs and spices.

    The tzatziki version, made with grated cucumber, minced garlic, chopped mint, and lemon juice is always appreciated by all.

    10. Corn sprouts

    These sprouts are characterised by their sweet and soft taste. Plus, they have a beautiful golden colour! Try adding them in your sandwich.

    SIMPLY DELICIOUS: Here is another idea to try: chickpea salad wrap… Yum! It’s so good, you must try it!