• Breakfast is not a meal you should overlook! You could be surprised why: learn all about breakfast!

    GOOD TO KNOW: Do you know the risks associated with skipping breakfast?

    1. Improved Cognitive Functions

    Studies show(1)Rampersaud, G.C., M.A. Pereira, B.L. Girard, J. Adams, and J.D. Metzl. 2005. Breakfast habits, nutritional status, body weight, and academic performance in children and adolescents. <em>Journal of the American Dietetic Association</em>. 105:743-760; quiz 761-742. that eating in the morning improves cognitive functions (memory) and academic performance, while also increasing school attendance. No more skipped classes for those who eat breakfast!

    2. Influence On Late-Night Snacking

    We tend to snack more in the absence of breakfast. Plus, people who skip breakfast usually choose snacks that are rich in fat and calories.

    3. Impact On Body Weight

    It is said that between 12 and 34% of children under the age of 18 skip breakfast, which is particularly true among young girls. This might be the result of a weight-loss diet or weight preoccupations, which can lead to eating disorders.

    4. Eating Breakfast, A Healthy Habit?

    Skipping breakfast is often linked to smoking, lack of exercise, and diets.

    5. Important Fiber Intake

    The daily fiber intake is significantly higher among those who eat breakfast. Plus, fibers provide a better feeling of satiety. For some social groups, eating breakfast even prevents some nutritional deficiencies. For example, young girls who eat in the morning are less likely to have calcium deficiencies because milk is often consumed in the morning.

    6. Reduction of Weight Gain?

    Finally, those who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to exercise or practice a sport, which reduces chances of gaining weight in the long run.

    GOOD TO KNOW: Don’t forget that hunger is a signal your body sends you. You should always listen to it to avoid unintentionally creating adaptation strategies such as calorie stocking (which will result in weight gain).