• Have you ever cooked a chicken breast in a skillet without sauce or spices? If you haven’t, don’t try it! It’s really bland. As for poultry or any other piece of meat, it’s much better to season, marinate, or simmer your tofu!

    And believe it or not, tofu marinades are the key to a good recipe! General Tao tofu, tofu nuggets, or even tofu lasagna… it’s all so delicious! Here are the 5 best tips for your tofu recipes.

    The Best Tips for Your Tofu Recipes

    Grilled or pan-fried tofu

    Tip: marinate your tofu!

    Marinate your tofu the same way you would marinate meat! Place the tofu cubes or slices in a sealed container with the marinade a few hours before cooking. Then, at medium-high heat, stir-fry the tofu with its marinade until brown! It’s also excellent when cooked on the barbecue!

    Tofu salad

    Tip: freeze your tofu!

    Keep your tofu in the freezer and only take it out 1 or 2 days before you use it. It will lose its water when thawing. That way, when you’ll be marinating your tofu, it will absorb the liquid like a sponge, which will make it tastier! Dice it and incorporate it in your next buddha bowl with edamame, brown rice—or barley or quinoa—avocadoes, grated carrots and sweet corn.

    General Tao Tofu

    Tip: cook your tofu in sauce!

    Tofu is best when cooked in sauce because it gains taste. For example, cooking tofu curry or replacing the meat from your butter chicken recipe with tofu will elevate the taste! But the staple recipe remains General Tao tofu. And BPT has the best recipe!

    For your next fondue dinner, replace half the red meat on the table with firm tofu cubes. You will be pleasantly surprised: the tofu will absorb the broth’s taste and have the texture of fresh cheddar cheese! It’s so good, you must try it!

    With the leftovers, you can cook an Asian-style soup with ramen noodles, hard boiled eggs, green onions and your tofu cubes.

    Tofu lasagna

    Tip: you can grate your tofu and use it with cheese in your recipes!

    You’re inviting true carnivores who aren’t really into vegan dishes? Grate your tofu and mix it with fresh cheese to use in your lasagna, mac and cheese, or scalloped potatoes. It will go totally unnoticed.

    Tofu nuggets and fries

    Tip: try breaded tofu!

    Even kids and sceptics will love it! Prepare a homemade breading using the classic flour-egg-breadcrumbs recipe. Then, grill your breaded tofu chunks with a little bit of oil in the oven or in a pan. Yum! These tofu nuggets will be simply delicious in a General Tao recipe. In strips, breaded tofu can also make excellent fries!