• Who doesn’t enjoy a good smoothie? This popular and versatile beverage is loved for its creative side. BPT is always looking for tips and tricks to boost the nutritional values of your favourite foods. Pimp your smoothies with powders to satisfy your hunger and your tastebuds!

    The Best Powders to Add to Your Smoothies

    Powders are excellent to add nutritional value to your smoothies. Indeed, they’re an interesting touch that doesn’t affect the texture, but slightly changes the taste for the better!

    1. Coconut milk

    We love this product in smoothies with exotic fruits like mango or pineapple!

    Everyone certainly knows coconut milk, but I’ve just discovered coconut water powder. Not only does it make smoothies extra-creamy (and delicious!), but it’s also rich in fibers and probiotics.It’s not however a good source of protein like skim milk powder.

    2. Baobab powder

    Discover the Baobab powder ! Baobab is a gigantic African tree that can live hundreds of years. The powder made from the fruit of the Baobab is used for its great quantities of fibers, vitamin C, and calcium. Its fruity taste goes well with berries of all sorts, and the powder doesn’t change the texture of smoothies.

    GOOD TO KNOW: When buying this product, pay attention to the provenance of the powder. Indeed, many baobab powders are not fairtrade.

    3. Freeze-dried fruit powder

    Lyophilization (the process used to make astronaut’s food!) reduces by 85% the weight of ingredients while also preserving the nutrients. The flavors are just as intense, but the colors are brighter.

    As for the shelf-life of freeze-dried fruit powder, it’s almost unlimited, which significantly reduces food waste. You can add it in your yogurts, your pastries, your cocktails, and in your smoothies!

    Pro tip: you can use these brightly colored powders (like red pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit) to frost the rim of your glass, just like you would do with salt for a Margarita!

    4. Cricket powder

    Rich in protein, fibers, calcium, iron, omega 3 and vitamin B12, cricket powder doesn’t have an intense flavour, which makes it perfect for any kind of smoothies! Landish offers vanilla and chocolate flavours, while Näak offers a non-flavoured version.

    5. Peanut butter

    Last but not least: peanut butter powder. If you’re a peanut butter lover, you must stay reasonable when adding some to your smoothie because of its high levels of fat. Indeed, peanut butter contains 2 times the amount of protein in fat, which makes it a fatty food.

    Peanut butter powder is a good substitute for your smoothies most of the fat is removed. Indeed, a powder rich in protein and composed of 80% less fats for a same quantity of peanut butter remains once rehydrated. You can therefore pour (almost) unlimited quantities in your smoothies!